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Letter from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dear friends,

You have probably heard in media that Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia were struck with a catastrophe of unheard proportions. Flooding that hasn’t being recorded so far have covered more than one third of B&H. Whole cities are under water. Over tens of thousands of people have been evacuated. There are casualties; so far no one is giving exact number. A lot of places, settlements and villages are cut off from the outside world by water. To make things worse, landslides have started, many settlements ad villages are gone, hundreds of homes. There is no electricity. No water. Communications in more than half of B&H are down. We from Tuzla, beside partly with Sarajevo, have no possibility of travel communication with other cities in B&H. Several border crossings with Croatia and Serbia are cut off. B&H military, policy, rescuing units and many volunteers from B&H and abroad are trying to deliver food, water and humanitarian aid to those in need. Cities Maglaj, Bijeljina, Doboj, Bosanski Samac and Brcko, and large number of villages are still under water. Level of water in some places reaches five meters, despite the fact that rain has stopped, rivers Sava, Bosna and Drina are still posing a threat. In next period, because of the polluted water and large number of corpses from killed domestic animals, we are expecting outbreaks of contagious diseases. Tens of thousands of B&H citizens have been evacuated. Many of them don’t have a place to return to, since their houses, settlements and villages no longer exist.

In these hard conditions we from the Youth Center Tuzla (ORC) are forced to delay or cancel all of our current project activities. It refers to coordination of the Anna Lindh Network B&H, and mutual activities in the network, as well as all activities in partner project: "Cross-border citizens’ network for peace, inter-communal reconciliation & human security in western Balkans, including research about violence in schools, were are reserchers from PRONI Brcko are working. Matter is simple – Brcko has been flooded, Jasmin Jasarevic does not have possibility to travel in Bijeljina, Tuzla or Orasje, and most of the highs schools and faculties are closed.

Instead of that, all our potentials, capacities and resources we are directing to gather and distribute humanitarian aid with the help of our young volunteers from the ORC Tuzla youth group, and helping in recovery from the consequences of the disaster that has befallen us

We hope that you understand gravity of the situation in which we are, we hope that our decision will not cause discomfort to our partners in project. As soon as the situation in B&H is normalized so to speak we are going to continue to work on our regular activities.

In the meantime, B&H people could use any type of help. Drinking water, medicine, canned food, baby food, toiletries, cleaning equipment, clothing, generators for electricity …


Miralem Tursinovic
Youth Resource Center Tuzla


Helsinški Parlament Građana (hCa) Tuzla
Helsinki Citizens' Assembly (hCa) Tuzla
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Youth Resource Center Tuzla
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