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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Summer School on Human Security

Summer School on Human Security
Civic Resistance and Human Security

- Location: Prishtina, Prizren, Republic of Kosovo
- Date: August 5th 2015 – August 11th 2015
- Deadline: June 20th, 2015 (by COB)
-Submission via email to:
- Submission Language: English
- Further information:

The Citizens' Network for Peace, Reconciliation and Human Security (CN4HS) is organizing a second Summer School on Human Security. The event will be hosted and organized by Center for Research Development and Publication (CRDP). Invited speakers and lecturers are practitioners and scholars from Kosovo, the Region and the United Kingdom. The Summer School is open to participants of all professional and academic backgrounds, but mainly targets civil society activists, journalists and civil servants from related government sectors.
The Summer School is a seven day intensive program that will be held both in Prishtina and one day in Prizren and will host a number of well rounded specialists for the subjects of each session of every day. Some of the subjects to be treated in this program are as follow: Introduction to Human Security, Inequality, Political Participation, Radicalization, etc.

The following are required for each interested applicant:
1. Being e part of Civil Society, Journalism Corp and Civil Service (government civil servants) from related government sectors.
2. English Language Knowledge
a. Excellent understanding skills
b. Minimum Intermediate writing skills
c. Excellent speaking skills
3. Curriculum Vitae
4. Motivation Letter (500 words, double space).
a. Why would you like to attend the Summer School?
b. How does Human Security relate to what you want to do, or study?
Additional Information: This program will cover travel, accommodation and meals for all attendees during the program.

Click here to download registration form.



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