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For people, for Ostojicevo, for Tuzla!

Youth Resource Center with its youth group with the help of the HCA France has gathered half of tone of help in food and necessary hygienic supplies for the habitants of the village Ostojicevo municipality Bijeljina.
Initiative for donations came from France, partnership organization of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla – hCa France disturbed with the unfortunate events in B&H has decided to help the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On 24th May 2014 aid packages have been distributed in Bijeljina in four places as follows

-7 packages directly distributed to families from Ostojicevo which are located in the reception center
-6 at the point of the local community in Batkovic (for Ostojicevo and Batkovic)
-5 packages directly to people in street Vladika Nikolaj
-28 packages directly to residents of the village Ostojicevo
First round of help has gone to village Ostojicevo (near Bijeljina) which is still under water and only way to deliver aid is by boats. With the help of the village residents, Ljubica Mladjenovic and Alkesandar Racanovic we got a boat in which two of our members of Youth group have found a place in the boat. Our hosts were three persons which will forever be in our thought because of their optimism despite the disaster. DZIGI, MANDOV and the DOCTOR. They have seen their own families seven days before when they have them evacuated, since then they are spending their time on water. In first days they were at the embankment, they have been fighting at the first glance tamed river Sava. They say government is to blame for the fail of embankment and that they have been sacrificed for some higher goals. Since the embankment and water has poured in their village, they are active 24 hours a day. They say their rarely sleep since th4y don’t have time for it, by the day they are helping in delivering aid to the residents who hadn’t been able to go anywhere during the evacuation, and by night they were protecting homes from looters. As they say, every night somebody tries to rob some house. As it is not enough that water ha flooded the area, fields, roads, backyards, knock down some houses and caused material damage that can be measured in millions.
They are full of praise about our Tuzla. Dzigi, Mandov and the Doctor have been saying to residents that aid came from Tuzla, and residents were so grateful that for the moment we have forgotten that this was our biggest obligations for us to fulfill. In their misfortune they have offered us water, sodas, since according to them it is obligatory to offer guests with something.
Although it was very hard, we have a wonderful feeling, we have managed to help someone, to show them that they are not alone and to break all prejudices and all boundaries which are imposed to us.
Our hosts have sent a great hello in Tuzla with words: “We hope we will never have tor return”!

First steps of aid, buying food for endangered persons

Valuable Youth Group has made an effort to arrange all packages

Four members of the Youth resource center are going to municipality Bijeljina

Waiting for boat..

Our host Mandov and Dzigi have helped us with loading of the humanitarian aid

Coordinator of the youth group and ORC Director with hosts

Although very tired, they are not giving up. They are constantly repeating “There is no time, we need to deliver help to people”

The first house we visited. Man with his three dogs on the roof, when we asked him why is he not going, he said that he has no were to go.

The street where the water found its course, luckily for its habitants it has retired. In it we have found fifteen households to whom we have distributed humanitarian aid.

At only fifteen meters from here, outboard motor from the boat is working normally. Below is asphalt connecting streets in village, now only passable by boat.

We tried to save the kitty which was on the roof; she was scared and didn’t trust us so we have left her some food. Our hosts have saved many pets so far in this village.

So far they have taken over 600 animal corpses from the village, this cow is very lucky as they say. She was saved.

Our host Dzigi giving humanitarian package to endangered person

On the way to the “safe zone” as the Doctor calls villages that are not under the water anymore.

On the return to Tuzla, we have left some packages to people in Bijeljina, from which water has withdrawn.


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