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Cross border citizen network for peace, reconciliation and public safety on Balkans

The aim of this project is to strengthen sustainable regional networks of non-governmental organizations, which will work on peace building, reconciliation and security at the local, state and regional level. The network will stimulate and strengthen the socio-political and legal transformation process of the EU integration of the Balkan countries and Turkey. The project so far we have published a chronicle of human security in BiH, which can be downloaded from the links that are here on the site.

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Regarding recent case of peer violence, which occurred at the beginning of October 2013 in mixed high school in Tuzla, when tree students of that school attacked their school friend, during November ORC Tuzla has made online interviews with 45 participants aiming to obtain their opinion about the peer violence problem and school violence in general.
Interviews were conducted via Facebook social network, were questioner was asking questions directly to the examinees.

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