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Decision for foundation and registration of this kind of centre came on the basis of outstanding needs of youth. Namely, most of the NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina were working in cooperation with international organizations/institutions, but that kind of help was weak and youth organizations were left to themselves. Most of them did not know what to do in that situation and very soon they stopped with work. This was mostly true for youth organizations in smaller places around Bosnia and Herzegovina, which without adequate help, were not able to fulfill basic needs of young people. Taking into consideration this situation and problems we decided to establish Youth Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla which will, in adequate way, offer support and help to all youth organizations which have problems in work. In January 2004 was held the inaugural assembly of Youth Resource Centre Tuzla.

Youth Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla helps in the work of youth organizations and individuals, especially those which act in smaller and "closed" local areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Aims of ORC Tuzla
1. Strengthening of youth sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Strengthening of the capacity and resources of youth organizations and non-formal groups, especially in smaller areas
3. Monitoring, stimulation and strengthening of work of young youth organizations
4. Stimulation and strengthening of cooperation between youth organizations on local, national and regional level
5. Collection and creation of database of youth organizations, their activities and their work
6. Building of cooperation between youth organizations and government on all levels
7. Starting the process of institutionalization of youth sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina
8. Giving expert and logistical help to youth organizations in work, especially to organizations in the process of foundation
9. Establishment and creation of better communication and faster circulation of information between organizations
10. Networking and cooperation with youth organizations from region, Europe and world
11. Enhancement and development of activities and work of youth organizations, in accordance with European standards
12. Establishment and realization of cooperation with other associations in country and abroad
13. Realization of other common interests of young people and youth organizations.

Activities of ORC Tuzla
After the foundation Youth Resource Center Tuzla started with concrete activities. At first we worked on promotion of ORC Tuzla, directly informing youth organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina about possibilities which this centre offers to young people. For that purpose we visited youth organizations and non-formal groups in the cities of: Konjic, Jablanica, Banovići, Brčko Distrikt, Gradačac, Bijeljina, Zvornik, Bratunac, Vlasenica and Višegrad. Within these visits we offered to them usage of our capacities and help in their future work. Also we performed promotion by visiting the media, via web site:, and on the occasions of publishing various publications.

We will just state a few activities of Youth resource centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina:
- meetings with representatives of youth organizations and government in Tuzla Canton and whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Collection of information from youth organizations for creating a database and printing that data in Almanac 2004, in 500 copies,
- Information about youth sector activities are collected daily and distributed from/to youth organizations - members of Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All this information is also published on our web site
- We monthly publish information about the activities of members of Youth Network BiH, together with all other useful information in the form of monthly bulletin. This bulletin is also published in English. Monthly bulletin is distributed to around 2000 addresses.

ORC Tuzla
Hadži Bakirbega Tuzlića 1,
75000 Tuzla, BiH
Phone/Fax: ++387 (0)35 258 077

Contact persons:
Miralem Tursinović direktor
Mirjana Stamenković-Tursinović program manager
Boško Vlajić program manager
Slobodan Blagovčanin program assistent

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