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The Youth Network in B&H is the youth's project that started with an active work in 1997 on initiative and co-ordination of the Helsinki Citizen's Assembly (hCa) Organisations from Banja Luka and Tuzla. The lack of contacts and co-operations between the youth organisations in B&H has motivated us to start with this initiative. Before that, the attention of many organisations and donors was directed toward the citizen's initiatives, refugee organisations and female groups, so the youths as the special social grope were ignored for a long period of time. Our basic idea was to connect the youth's initiatives (independent organisations, informal groups and individuals) from the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to work on their strengthening, support in implementation of their projects, activities and ideas. A special attention for developing of this project we have directed toward the young people that live in a small communities and cities in B&H.

Many youth networks and the roof organisations were existing before the war in B&H. Today, seven years after signing of the Dayton peace agreement, the youths in B&H still have a problem with making mutual contacts and communications. We believe that throw establishing and strengthening a regular contacts can be reduced the consequences of hostility, hate, nationalistic tensions and conflicts.

Throughout our activities at this project up to now, the B&H public was able to see that still exist a good will and energy coming from the youths, to meet each other, to talk and work together on building their oven future in B&H.

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Omladinska mreža Bosne i Hercegovine - Youth network of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Омладинска мрежа Босне и Херцеговине