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Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an informal group of non-partial organizations, groups and individuals that fulfill the needs of young people in both entities, actively involving them in building democratic values and strengthening of civil society. (Mission of hCa Youth Network in B&H, established on workshop from strategic planning in Kulasi, 11-17 July, 1999.)
    Report: First meeting of the ORC Tuzla youth group
After nine years of ORC Tuzla existence, active participation in building of B&H society, daily connecting young people from all around B&H and breaking prejudices between them, education of young people on many topics regarding encouragement of democratic values in our society and other things - we have come up with an idea to form youth group of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla, members of youth group are mostly young people who have in any way participated in our education process, seminars, round tables etc.
Date when the youth group was formed is the same as the first meeting of the group. 8th October 2013. Members have discussed about the group future, activities that they will do, and appointment of responsibilities. Currently group core is consistent by the members who have been part of the project "Regional action against discrimination" for the past two years, as a part of this project two local workshops, two national and two regional workshops was organized, public debates and street campaigns, knowledge's gained on these educations, members have used on their environments and have pointed out to current problems.
    Report from street action against discrimination
ORC Tuzla organized street action in Tuzla as a part of action days against discrimination and militarism. Activities of action against discrimination and militarism, supported by Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs, beside in Tuzla are taking place in: Jablanica (B&H), Krusevac (Serbia), Pristina (Kosovo), Ttetovo, Skopje and Prilep (Macedonia).
Youth Resource Center Tuzla along with its volunteers organized street action on Saturday 18th May 2013 in Korzo, center of Tuzla.
Topic of the action was "Discrimination over women in the employment process". 15 volunteers participated on the action, they have selected the topic on preparatory meetings and they have implemented it.
    ORC Tuzla organized third local workshop "Action against discrimination" in Tuzla
Akcija protiv diskriminacije  

In Tuzla, in the youth house Tuzla on 10 th and 11 th May was organized third local workshop "Action against discrimination".

Participants were students and activists of youth organizations from Tuzla (IPAK, Vive Zene, Helsinki commitee for human rights, "Peks", female Roma organization "Bolja Buducnost", ANEA-MG, OGHOTz, Times and YiHR)

Two day workshop for young people was based on participatory involvement of all participants, through methods of practical work in groups.



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