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Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an informal group of non-partial organizations, groups and individuals that fulfill the needs of young people in both entities, actively involving them in building democratic values and strengthening of civil society. (Mission of hCa Youth Network in B&H, established on workshop from strategic planning in Kulasi, 11-17 July, 1999.)
AKTIVNOSTI Omladinskog resursnog centra  

Dear friends, here are attached activities of ORC/hCa in MARCH and plans for APRIL 2021. By this issue titles you can use link to read whole text about following activities:

- Western Balkans for Changes
- CAT Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Tuzla Brain Week
- Podcast MeetUp – Helem Nejse
- Youth group ORC Tuzla
- PodPatrol –Polls Tuzla
- First International Piano Competition "Sergei Rachmaninoff"

Mjesecni bilten Omladinske mreze  

Dear friends, here is MARCH edition of monthly informative bulletin of Youth resource centre (ORC) Tuzla and Youth network of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you wish to be on Mailing list for futur editions of Monthly bulletin or you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

Monthly bulletin and archive of previous editions you can find on web site of Youth network of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Mjesecni bilten Omladinske mreze  

“Divided Past – Joint Future” is the project implemented by a consortium of 18 partners (7 IPA beneficiary countries plus Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Netherland). Project consortium involves CSOs, research institutes, foundations, resources centres and Erasmus NAs and 13 associated business partners. Duration of the project is 48 months (starting date 1st January 2016).
On behalf of above mentioned consortium Youth Communication Centre from Bosnia and Herzegovina is announcing: CALL FOR THE PROPOSALS

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Since the first democratic elections in BiH, which have been held in nineties of the last century, having happened at the same time as the ex Yugoslavia had broken down, before the bloody war has started, each new elections in BiH are the bearers of new crisis, troubles annd dangerous. Regarding the fact that the electional cycle BiH was concepted that the elections were held each two years (local as well as general elections), so there are more and more crisis situation as well as potential danger. Having observed unstabile politic, economics and social situation inside BiH as well as the region, each new elections, beides political changes, also bring new safety problems for BiH citizens, as a byproduct of different political manipulations, coalition acts as well as tacit “parties“ agreements...

    Research report: The Aspect of human security of young people living in collective Centre, or 'alternative accommodations' in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.
Human security aspect of youth living  
The research was conducted with the help of our colleagues from PRONI Brčko, and was done in collective centres: Tuzla (Mihatovići, collective centre) FBIH; Bratunac (people who lived in collective centre Kravica) Serb Republic, and Brčko District (Prutače, collective Centre). The study will serve as a starting material for lobbying the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is related to the improvement of the situation and solution of the accumulated problems of young people, who are accommodated in collective centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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    Stakeholder meeting
ACTIVITIES of Youth resource center  

Youth Resource Center (ORC) Tuzla has organized a stakeholder meeting in Tuzla on April 8th 2016 with the representatives of government and non-government institutions. Aim of the meeting was research presentation which ORC Tuzla has conducted in cooperation with Center for youth development PRONI Brcko District. Research was conducted as a part of the project “Cross - Border Citizen's Network for Peace, Reconciliation and Human Security in Balkans”. Project is implemented by Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Turkey, together with partners: ADP ZID Montenegro, SeConS Serbia, Institute for Regional and International Studies in Bulgaria, Center for Research, Documentation and Publication Kosovo, and Youth Resource Center Tuzla. The project is supported by the European Union. Result of the meeting as well as research is a “Policy Brief” which can be seen at following link

    Citizens' Network for Human security anouncing:
ACTIVITIES of Youth resource center  


Eligible countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey

Deadline for submission of applications: 6 May 2016, Friday, 24:00hrs (EET).

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Mjesecni bilten Omladinske mreze  
For providing the visual identity for the project "Divided Past Joint Future"
and to take the social challenges as inspiration for creative and innovative ideas!
What is "Divided Past Joint Future"?
Regional four-years long initiative gathering 18 organizations from 7 countries from Western Balkans and Turkey with associated partners from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. The aim of the project is creating strong sustainable inter-sector platform for cooperation in field of implementing peace-building policies through innovative mechanisms.

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    Country report on research findings of peer to peer violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina
ACTIVITIES of Youth resource center  

Human security in Bosnia and Herzegovina is relatively new concept and not so well researched and understood area that is often referred only to war traumas and post war security issues. It has not been understood and seen as day by day dealing with conflict that occurs at work place, home or schools and that effect each individuals or groups at very personal level. Increased youth direct, structural and symbolic violence amongst the high school population (ages 15-18) that is happening in schools and around the schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina and often leading to increased insecurity and casualties both to the pupils and teachers attending/working in schools is what Bosnia and Herzegovina partner in project “Cross border citizen network for peace, reconciliation and public safety on Balkans” chose as research topic.


In this chronicle, we will discuss the influence that refugee crisis has on human security situation in BIH. In addition to the data that we have collected from various media during the preparation of the chronicle, we talked with: Slobodan Popović, politician from Banja Luka, Nermana Begagić, writer from France and BIH, Kenan Idrizović, LLB from Tuzla, and Emir Selimagić, law student from Tuzla.

    8th ALF B&H Network Meeting, Mostar - REPORT

At the meeting in Mostar participated 24 representatives from 22 organizations members of the ALF B&H network, and one organization who has expressed willingness to join ALF B&H (organization for post conflict research CPI Sarajevo) Upon arrival, participant registration and welcoming cocktail, eight meeting of the ALF B&H network members begun at 16:00 hours
finished meeting of the executive board.

    Report for the Executive board of the Anna Lindh Network B&H

Meeting has started at 14:30 in the Student Hotel Mostar. Following members of the executive board were present:

HARIS HALILHODZIC - OK „Pod istim suncem“Jablanica;
MAJA VEJZOVIC – VOLODER – Agency of local democracy Mostar;
BORIS BALTA – MAGIC Factory Tuzla;
VEHID SEHIC – Forum of Tuzla Citizens;
MIRALEM TURSINOVIC – ALF BiH network, main office


DSecond and third day of the ALF B&H network meeting was dedicated to the workshop on topics networking and writing project proposals.
Workshop started in the afternoon of the second day, at the workshop was discussed about starting project partnerships as part of the ALF B&H network, inter network cooperation which aim would be to promote ALF B&H and network visibility, promotion of intercultural cooperation with other networks in Balkan and Mediterranean (writing project proposals).

    Youth event - There is always a choice -
Civil courage in times of war and peace
Youth event  

Are you interested?
The event will be held in Bosnian/ Croatian/ Serbian as well as in English and targets 18 to 30 years old participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and
If you are a young participant aged between 18 and 30 and willing to participate at the event, please contact us at yet2015@ till July 10.

    CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Summer School on Human Security
Human security  

The Citizens' Network for Peace, Reconciliation and Human Security (CN4HS) is organizing a second Summer School on Human Security. The event will be hosted and organized by Center for Research Development and Publication (CRDP). Invited speakers and lecturers are practitioners and scholars from Kosovo, the Region and the United Kingdom. The Summer School is open to participants of all professional and academic backgrounds, but mainly targets civil society activists, journalists and civil servants from related government sectors.
The Summer School is a seven day intensive program that will be held both in Prishtina and one day in Prizren and will host a number of well rounded specialists for the subjects of each session of every day. Some of the subjects to be treated in this program are as follow: Introduction to Human Security, Inequality, Political Participation, Radicalization, etc.

    CHRONICLE No 9 - Bosnia and Herzegovina and terrorism

Observing Bosnia and Herzegovina in this time of transition, in great economic crisis, various political and economic turbulence and period of hunger and poverty - we can notice links between Bosnia and Herzegovina and certain types of terrorism and terrorist organizations. It is difficult to say that any country in the world is not linked with some kind of terrorism, and therefore B&H is not immune to this sort of violence and political influence.
After the dissolution of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRJ)1, and after the first democratic elections in B&H, nationalist parties, whose key objective were to divide Bosnia and Herzegovina, came to power. When all of the political options for some kind of division of B&H by the nationalist parties were exhausted, governments of our neighboring countries were supported greatly with political and all kinds of actions...

    Cross border citizen network for peace, reconciliation and public safety on Balkans
Cronicles   The aim of this project is to strengthen sustainable regional networks of non-governmental organizations, which will work on peace building, reconciliation and security at the local, state and regional level. The network will stimulate and strengthen the socio-political and legal transformation process of the EU integration of the Balkan countries and Turkey.

The project so far we have published a several chronicle of human security in BiH, which can be downloaded from the links that are here on the site by clicking on link for more about.
Click here to download latest edition.
    “If you are silent then you are participating! Raise your voice against violence!”
against violence  
Campaign “If you are silent then you are participating! Raise your voice against violence!” has started.
First steps of the campaign were talks with high school pedagogues in Tuzla. Talks were conducted by the members of the Youth Group with the participants from the trainings “Don’t be Uninformed”.
These discussions had informative character, were members have additionally learned about the term juvenile delinquency, with consequences for the offenders and which mechanisms are used for the prevention of violence.



Have you got an idea for a project that will involve Internet users in changing the WWWorld for the better? Enter the Discover e-volunteering competition and win a grant! ICTs and the Internet have become an important part of our everyday life. We use them not only to search for information or for entertainment, but also to support others and try to change the world for the better. There are many interesting social projects on the Web: every day people edit Wikipedia, conduct on-line language courses, provide free Web counseling, form assistance and self-help groups, promote social campaigns and many more! And we call all those actions ‘e-volunteering', because they do this for free, voluntarily! Through this Competition we hope to show the diversity of e-volunteering actions and encourage all Europeans to undertake social activity on the Internet!

    For people, for Ostojicevo, for Tuzla!
Youth resource center  

Youth Resource Center with its youth group with the help of the HCA France has gathered half of tone of help in food and necessary hygienic supplies for the habitants of the village Ostojicevo municipality Bijeljina.
Initiative for donations came from France, partnership organization of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla – hCa France disturbed with the unfortunate events in B&H has decided to help the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
First round of help has gone to village Ostojicevo (near Bijeljina) which is still under water and only way to deliver aid is by boats. With the help of the village residents, Ljubica Mladjenovic and Alkesandar Racanovic we got a boat in which two of our members of Youth group have found a place in the boat. Our hosts were three persons which will forever be in our thought because of their optimism despite the disaster.

    Letter from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Help Bosnia and Herzegovina  

Dear friends,
You have probably heard in media that Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia were struck with a catastrophe of unheard proportions. Flooding that hasn't being recorded so far have covered more than one third of B&H. Whole cities are under water. Over tens of thousands of people have been evacuated. There are casualties; so far no one is giving exact number. A lot of places, settlements and villages are cut off from the outside world by water. To make things worse, landslides have started, many settlements ad villages are gone, hundreds of homes. There is no electricity. No water. Communications in more than half of B&H are down. We from Tuzla, beside partly with Sarajevo, have no possibility of travel communication with other cities in B&H. Several border crossings with Croatia and Serbia are cut off.

    SUMMER SCHOOL ON “Humanizing Security”
Sarajevo Peace Event 2014  
As part of the Sarajevo Peace Event 2014, a 5-day Summer School on “Humanizing Security” will be held throghout June 4-9 in Sarajevo.
The Summer School is organized by a network of organisations called “Citizens' Network for Peace, Reconciliation and Human Security”, supported by the European Commission and Open Society Foundation.
The Network will be accepting applications from young people of the age of 18 to 35 years old from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macadeonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.
Those intrerested should write to with a one paragraph motivation-statement and a CV no later than May 26, Monday.
    „Don't BE unINFORMED!”

During the last two months, ORC Tuzla has organized three training's as a part of the project “Don't BE unINFORMED!” supported by the ERSTE foundation. Training's took place in Youth House Tuzla. Training topics were communication, leadership and public advocacy. 23 Young people participated on these training's, age 16-30 from the Tuzla municipality.

After training's selected training participants will participate on the municipality assembly councils, visit the mayor cabinet and public debates.

Project is supported by the ERSTE Stiftung.

    The Conference “Humanizing” Security, held in Istanbul
Conference Istanbul  

The Conference “Humanizing” Security was held on January 31 – February 1, 2014 in Istanbul as the first public event at regional/international scale of the project “Citizens’ Network on Peace, Reconciliation and Human Security”, objective of which is to raise public awareness and create social mobilization among citizens and policy makers on the centrality of human beings as the prime dimension of security.

Activists and experts from organizations like United Nations, LSE and respective NGOs from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Montenegro have joined the event to share their experiences.


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