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The Youth Network in B&H is the youth's project that started with an active work in 1997 on initiative and co-ordination of the Helsinki Citizen's Assembly (hCa) Organisations from Banja Luka and Tuzla. The lack of contacts and co-operations between the youth organisations in B&H has motivated us to start with this initiative.

Many youth networks and the roof organisations were existing before the war in B&H. Today, seven years after signing of the Dayton peace agreement, the youths in B&H still have a problem with making mutual contacts and communications. We believe that throw establishing and strengthening a regular contacts can be reduced the consequences of hostility, hate, nationalistic tensions and conflicts.

Throughout our activities at this project up to now, the B&H public was able to see that still exist a good will and energy coming from the youths, to meet each other, to talk and work together on building their oven future in B&H.


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Omladinska mreža Bosne i Hercegovine - Youth network of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Омладинска мрежа Босне и Херцеговине