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Professional orientation through passport of competencies
At the beginning of July ORC Tuzla launched the project "Professional orientation through passport of competencies", supported by the US Embassy in Sarajevo.

The project will be implemented in the next 6 months and will provide support to at least 100 young people from the wider Tuzla region (Lukavac and Živinice) from the final grades of elementary schools and first grade secondary schools.

In September, the project started with the implementation of activities with young people. The project is intended to be implemented with youth of elementary and secondary schools in Tuzla, Lukavac and Živinice, but, since the Pedagogical Institute did not approve enrollment and work in schools, activities are taking place in the community, in partnership with the NGO sector and educational institutions , which transfer young people to extracurricular activities.

Planned activities are running according to plan.

Two groups of young people (48 of them) have already wrapped up a set of "life skills" workshops, two groups remain to do the same.

What follows after the completed workshops for all 4 groups is the individual work on the competence passport for 20 participants of the project.

“The publication of this text is funded by a grant from the Department of State.
Opinions, findings and conclusions listed here belong to authors and do not necessarily reflect
the opinions, findings and conclusions of the US Department of State.”

Youth for a Better Future
The final event within the project "Youth for a Better Future" was held on September 21, 2018. in the Peace Flame House Tuzla, where there were as many as 48 participants. Participants came from various cities, such as Brčko, Vitez, Doboj, Gradačac, Srebrenik, Živinice, Teočak, Travnik and of course Tuzla, as well as from representatives of various organizations and institutions: MUP TK, SOS Children's Village, US Embassy in BiH, Forum of Tuzla Citizens.

At the beginning of the event, participants were greeted by the welcome addresses of James Contreras, representative of the American Embassy in BiH, Vehid Šehić, President of the Citizen Tuzla Forum and Miralem Tursinović, director of ORC Tuzla.

The theme of the event was to present the work of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla within the mentioned project, presenting young people and their achievements.

Participants of the final event also had the opportunity to see the performance of the Forum Theater show, as well as the premier performance of the documentary film "Better Youth for the Future of BiH".

The project was supported by the US Embassy in BiH, and the partner organizations on the project were: PRONI Center for Youth Development Brčko, Youth Association ENTER Vitez and Sixth Sense Doboj.

“The publication of this text is funded by a grant from the Department of State.
Opinions, findings and conclusions listed here belong to authors and do not necessarily reflect
the opinions, findings and conclusions of the US Department of State.”


Youth Resource Center Tuzla, within the campaign "Know your CAT" - Online Youth Activism in the Prevention of Violent Extremism, conducted training in the implementation of youth campaigns on social media in Živinice.

Training gathered 10 young people from Živinice, who from 28 to 30 September through socializing and learning were given the opportunity to:

- Adopts basic knowledge about the use of social media as a tool for community changes
- To design, create and implement their own social campaign on the Internet
- Introduces younger people, brave enough and ready to create changes in their virtual communities
- Motivate and encourage their peers towards positive social changes
- Have fun

In continuation of these activities, we plan to have two more trainings in October: In Zvornik from October 3 to 5, and in Vitez, from October 12 to 14.

„Literature as utopia“

"The evening of your story"
On September 28th, in the premises of the Peace Flame House, a final activity was held as part of a campaign for the return of the written word among young people in Tuzla: "Literature as a Utopia?" entitled "Evening of Your Story". The final activity summed up all the activities that were carried out within the campaign, such as:

Street action "Song for you", which was held on September 13th in the streets of the city of Tuzla. The aim of the action was to improve and beautify the day of our fellow citizens with the famous poetry of domestic and foreign authors, which were shared by our volunteers from the Youth Group of ORC Tuzla. The street action has also familiarized young people with the project itself, because on the back of each song there was more info about the project.

Creative Communication Workshop, led by director of ORC Tuzla Miralem Tursinović. With the participants of the workshop, the topic of communication (verbal and non-verbal) was done through exercises. The workshop is based on creative communication and the emancipation of emotions among young people, who in modern times are increasingly "closing" themselves due to modern technology.

Workshop "Introduction to Literary World", led by our renowned domestic writer Isa Balkan. The participants of the workshop had the opportunity to get acquainted with Dadaism and writing techniques through Dadaism, and of course with the very way of work of Isa Balkan.

At the aforementioned "Evening of Your Story", the audience had the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of an acoustic guitar in the scene and listen to the small literary achievements of the participants in the campaign for the return of written word among young people. For their literary evening, the participants had the opportunity to prepare themselves at the already mentioned workshops, where they learned writing techniques and the emancipation of emotions.

Apart from the participants, another famous domestic writer, Mario Vranješ with, in his recognizable style, the song "Krkan", was presented to the audience.

Also, the results of the survey "Your time in the virtual world" were presented. The survey of the youngsters of Tuzla was conducted during the entire campaign and showed that most young people spend more than 6 hours a day on the Internet, and that there are young people who, unfortunately, do not remember when they read their last book. The devastating fact is that in addition to all the opportunities provided by the Internet, young people spend most of their time on social media, even 60.27% of them. The data is not devastating, but they are certainly worrying. You can find the survey on our site:

The event ended with the performance of The Cranberries-Zombie, which features a very powerful anti-war message, and reminds us how important it is to "put" words on paper.

The project was implemented by the Youth Resource Center Tuzla, under the auspices of the Tuzla Community Foundation.

Youth Group of ORC Tuzla

NGO Fair in Tuzla
Within the framework of this project, implemented by the Youth Group of ORC Tuzla, after a survey of secondary schools and faculties, we learned that only 8% of young people volunteers or has volunteered.

For this reason, our members, Merima Čokić and Mario Mrkić, representing the Youth group of Youth Resource Center, decided to organize a NGO Fair, where you will have the opportunity to get information about Tuzla's youth organizations and get to know the people who make our city a better place. You can find the login link on our Facebook page.
The fair will be held on October 19 in the City Park, and the first street action is planned on October 9th.

If you want to be part of this story, you can register as a volunteer and help us with the realization. Applications are closed on October 5th and you are all welcome to sign up.

The project was funded by the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

Leaders' Journey Vlasenica
From 15th to 22nd September, a training course "Leaders' Journey" was held in Vlasenica. This training was organized by SEEYN. Participants came from 19 different organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey and Lithuania. The aim of the training was to train new and already experienced leaders. We learned the basics of making the project, and for the follow up activity we got the task to create our project and try to get it started. At this training, Aziz Altumbabić took part representing the Youth Group of ORC.

Street action "This is your strongest weapon"
Street action titled "This is your strongest weapon" took place on September 22nd. This action was held in several cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje, Sarajevo, and Tuzla). The aim of this street action is to raise awareness among young people about the importance of going to the polls. Through leaflets, young people had the opportunity to get to know basic human rights and freedoms, as well as civil and political rights. A special accent during this street action was put on the use of its voice in the elections as the strongest weapon. Partners of this street action together with YIHR BiH are: Youth Resource Center Tuzla, Revolt and CORIE Center for Sustainable Development and Ecology.

Orange day
The Youth Group of the Youth Resource Center in Tuzla, in cooperation with other local NGOs, marked the "Orange Day" on September 25th. For this month, anti-violence activists shot a video in order to raise public awareness of the amount of violence against women and girls. The video itself is a continuation of the activities foreseen for the Orange Day, which started on August 25th. 2018, and implemented by the Youth Resource Center. A simulation of violence was conducted in order to examine the reactions of citizens, which were not absent.

In addition to the Youth Group of the ORC Tuzla, the activity also included: Association of High School Students in BiH - local team Tuzla, Youth Bank, Youth Movement Revolt Tuzla, Red Cross Tuzla. Coordinator of activities representing the Youth Group is Samira Aličić.

This day is marked as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and it is important to note that physical violence is not the only form of violence that women encounter. According to the Gender Equality Agency, 52.8% of women have experienced some form of violence since their 15th year. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 51.1% of the total population is women, and every fifth woman is a victim of violence. This is the problem with which the entire population should deal with, because gender inequality is the most common cause of violence.

The UN Secretary General has proclaimed every 25th day of the Orange Day as a day of recalling the importance of preventing violence.

It is very important that young people, but also everyone else, are aware of the problems they are surrounded with, and do not remain silent and fight against them. Another of the goals of the Orange Day is to show the victims that they have someone to ask for help, getting acquainted with SOS numbers and Safe Houses.




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