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''YOUth 4 a better future''
Within the project "YOUth 4 a Better Future" in Tuzla, training for counselors was held on December 28th and 29th. The training was attended by the members of the Youth Group Youth Resource Center and the coach was Jasmin Jasarevic. It is planned that members who have undergone training will be educators at workshops planned in the project "YOUth 4 a Better Future". Training for trainers in Tuzla is financially supported by the city of Tuzla.

At the end of January 2018th, as foreseen in the project, young (high school students and students) from each of the 4 cities will spend three-day workshops with our peer educators on the topic of human rights focusing on stereotypes, prejudices, hate speech, identity, religion, violence etc. In order to make the workshops even more useful, we will include our peers with disabilities.

„Divided past – Joint future“
Youth Resource Center Tuzla, along with seventeen non-governmental organizations from the region, is partner in the project "Divided past – Joint future". The project is supported by the European Union and the main bearer of activites is the Youth Communication Center Banja Luka. The purpose of this project is to build an infrastructure for an effective reconciliation process in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

The Youth Communication Center from Banja Luka, in cooperation with the organization "Lens" from Pristina organized a three-day training for facilitators from the Western Balkan countries and Turkey within the project "Divided past - Joint future“.

Education titled "Social Innovations in times of peace and Reconciliation" was realized from December 20th to 23rd in Pristina. The education was attended by 14 educators from the above mentioned countries, who had the opportunity to learn from the eminent experts from this field on innovative methods in the work on reconciliation in their countries.

Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina were Ivan Sajevic - Youth Association Enter Vitez and Slobodan Blagovcanin - Youth Resource Center Tuzla.

This text is written as part of the Divided Past - Joint Future project, and does not contain or reflect the views or views of the European Union, its institutions and bodies. The responsibility for the information and views expressed in the text is borne entirely by the author of the text.

Yearly meeting ALF Tallinn, Estonija

In Tallinn, Estonia in the period from 12th to 15th December, the 16th annual meeting of Anna Lindh Foundation Network Managers was held. The meeting gathered around 42 representatives of ALF networks from countries of Europe and the Mediterranean. They, together with representatives of the ALF Secretariat and the President of the Foundation, Ms. Elisabeth Guigou, discussed the completion of Step 7 of the ALF, and on strengthening and continuing cooperation within the continuation of the ALF activities in 2018. For more information about the meeting in the coming period, please visit our site.


Youth Group ORC Tuzla

CEO Conference
A CEO conference was held in Tuzla on November 30th, 2017. The conference was held in the Bosnian Cultural Center Tuzla and gathered over 350 young people.

The CEO Conference is an event that connects young people to successful people, motivating them by positive examples for a proactive approach to entrepreneurship and career development by breaking myths of success and acquiring new knowledge and skills. The mission of the conference is to bring together young and successful individuals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro, who share their life and business experiences, ups and downs, ideas and knowledge in the context of various disciplines: career development, entrepreneurship, technology and motivation.

The organizers of the Tuzla CEO conference are the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sarajevo in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tuzla with the co-organizers of Sberbank BH and Sol Azur & Buenavista with the support of the Government of Switzerland through the Youth Employment Project(YEP).

Representatives of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla were Amila Selimbasic, Mirela Bikovic, Merita Sokoli, Amina Dzananovic and Emir Karamujic.

Brcko – Youth Workers Countering the Violent Extremism
In Brcko, on 2nd and 3rd of December a training was held on the topic ''Youth Workers Countering the Violent Extremism''.

''Youth Workers Countering the Violent Extremism'' aims to empower and support the existing skills and abilities of youth workers and give them new tools in order to observe, act and report on the radical behavior of young people in the digital and real world. The "classic" approach to youth work is working with groups of young people who come to any organized activity that uses non-formal education as a method. In order to change this approach and reach young people at risk from radical ideologies that can lead to violent extremism behavior, youth workers need to change their approach and create new tools and use new methods. As part of this project, advanced training for 30 youth workers was held on topics: Confronting conflicts and violent behavior, Working with individuals - advisory skills, Working with young people in the field and "Digital work with young people".

The counselors at the training "Youth Workers Countering the Violent Extremism" were Miralem Tursinovic and Jasmin Jasarevic, while members of the Youth Resource Center Youth Group were Slobodan Blagovcanin, Mirela Bikovic, Merita Sokoli, Amina Dzafic, Adi Selman, Emir Karamujic and Amila Selimbasic.

The acquisition of new members into our group
In the period from 22nd November – 3rd December 2017th 47 young people joined our group, who expressed their desire to be part of our "family". The selection of applications for admission of new members to the Youth Group was made by the coordinator of the group Amila Selimbasic and the veteran member of the group Mirela Bikovic. The selection was based on the quality of the application itself, motivation, and previous experience in the non-governmental sector.

Out of the 47 applied, 21 met our criteria, so we invited them to the first official meeting that took place on 5th December at 6pm in our headquarters. The meeting was presented to the new members by the Coordinator of ORC, Amila Selimbasic and Slobodan Blagovcanin, who presented the work of the group so far, and performed a unique team building. An hour later, the veteran members joined the meeting. Since 5th of December - The World Volunteer Day, we decided to hold the first meeting with our new members that day.

Tools for Social Development – Volume II
In the period from 1st to 8th December 2017th, a seminar entitled "Tools for Social Development-Volume II" was held in Vrnjacka Banja (Serbia) which was based on theater methodologies and techniques of contemporary dance. The seminar was attended by a total of twenty-eight people from Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia.

The team of "To People from People'' organization provided this project with the professional development of youth workers in the field of acquiring practical experience in the use of theater methodologies and techniques of contemporary dance suitable for working with inclusive groups. Within the seminar, a unique theater performance was held at the local cinema as a final project. The performance itself was performed as a presentation of the creative process and work that was developed during the eight-day seminar. The project directly involved persons with disabilities and aimed at promoting mobility, providing equal opportunities for young people, as well as opportunities for personal development and active life in the field of art and culture. Representative of the Youth Group of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla at this seminar was Elma Sulejmanagic.

TranslatEU - Belgrade
From 9th to 11th of December in Belgrade, the international Training TranslatEU was held, where young people from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia took part.

The training intended to inform young people about the opportunities offered by the European Union, and how they would be able to spark out all these opportunities even before their countries enter the European family. In addition to the training, the young people had the opportunity to get to know the beauties of Belgrade and listen to the presentation about the Municipality of Vracar (one of the Belgrade Municipalities).

Training organizer is UG Libero and the project was supported by the European Union throught its Youth Funds.

The representatives of the Youth Group ORC Tuzla were Adi Selman and Adnan Cirak.

The writing of the project proposals
A workshop on "Writing project proposals" was held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla on December 15th and 16th, under the organization of the IEEE Student Branch of the University of Tuzla. Students from different technical faculties in Tuzla took part in the workshop. On the first day of the workshop, professor Edhem Custovic worked on the motivation of the participants and gave examples of student projects that could be conducted in Tuzla. The second day of the workshop was chaired by IEEE Student Branch President Haris Selmanovic, who tried to share his experience in writing project proposals with the participants. Teams were formed and discussed concrete project proposals and their implementation. The students used teamwork, offered solutions to other teams, so that each of these ideas would be realized after this workshop. Professor Custovic joined us, listened to each of the proposals, gave us advice, recommendations and share his own vision to the participants of the workshop. The workshop was also attended by members of the Youth Group Youth Resource Center Eldin Subasis and Emir Mujakic.

''One sweet – One child''
High school "28th June" from East Sarajevo in cooperation with the Youth Group of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla, traditionally distributed gifts to the citizens of the Home for Children without Parental Care in Tuzla within the "One Sweet - One Child"campaign.

In addition to the packages that they prepared for our youngest from the House without parental care, they also presented a performance titled "In Search of Santa Claus" as well as guitar performance and singing.

Pupils from the school in eastern Sarajevo wanted to share the beauty of New Year's holidays with the residents of the Home because, they say, "we were never aware of the need for giving and sharing love as during the holiday".

Funds for the transportation of high school students from East Sarajevo were provided by members of the Youth Group of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla from their own pockets.

The presentation was made by 8 students from the High School ''28th June'', East Sarajevo, and the packages were shared among the members of the Youth Resource Center Youth Group. The delivery of the package was done on December 26th, 2017. years.

On Tuesday, December 26th, 2017 in the Cinema Kaleidoscope hall in Tuzla, a conference was held in which young leaders from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina held short but effective motivational speeches lasting up to ten minutes. The conference is part of the project called T.A.L.K.S., which is supported by the United States Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The T.A.L.K.S. project consists of five conferences that will be held in Tuzla, Bijeljina, Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka, giving young leaders the opportunity to communicate motivational messages to their peers in a unique way, covering topics such as: EU intergration, self-employment, human rights, anti-corruption. The conference in Tuzla was the second in a row after the one held in Bijeljina on December 25th, 2017. Among the speakers at the Kaleidoscope cinema were the members of the Youth Resource Center Adi Selman and Adnan Cirak, who spoke on the subject of EU intergration and self-employment.

New Year's Celebration
On Friday, December 29th, 2017 traditionally for the fifth year in a row in the premises of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla, a New Year party was organized for the members of the Youth Group ORC Tuzla. During the evening, members and partners in the previous year, certificates were distributed as a confirmation of commitment throughout the year, for a better position of young people in our city and country. This was also an opportunity to mark the 5th anniversary of the Youth Group Youth Resource Center Tuzla.

During January, a holiday for the members of the Youth group is planned. Hereby we want to use this occasion to wish for the best in the New 2018th year!




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