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Within the project “Divided Past- Joint Future”, which is being implemented by 19 organizations in six countries of western Balkans and Turkey, national campaign named “Embracing damage” is being carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina during months of March and April.

Campaign is being implemented in several steps. First step of the campaign has gathered 25 young people from Tuzla, through educational and field activities on topics of process of reconciliation and youth activism in the sphere of peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Upon completion of two-day workshops, field activities have followed up which were carried out as a “Flash mob” on streets of City of Tuzla, setting up a banner on the main pedestrian street (Korzo) and the Blue bridge, as well as planting a red maple tree together with City administration of Tuzla- Department of Utilities, in the City park near the Orthodox church. In addition, we have also planted a time capsule with peace messages of young people.

During street performances, in which have took part most of participants from the workshops, a stand was placed at the Korzo by the city clock, where citizens could get familiar with and take a copy of qualitative study: “Process of reconciliation in the Western Balkans and Turkey”. Research is available on this link

Project “Divided Past- Joint Future” is financially supported by the European Union.


Youth work in progress

In Ulcinj, from 18th until 24th of March, a training seminar “Logging in” was held, within the project “Youth work in progress”, whose project leader is South East European Youth Network.

Training seminar “Logging in” is organized for youth workers and activists from Serbia, BiH, Slovenia, Turkey, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, Croatia, Greece and Lithuania.

Goals of the project, that is being implemented under the patronage of European Commission through Erasmus+ program, KA2- capacity building in the field of youth, are strengthening competences of youth workers and activists in the field of youth work, creating online tools and methods for NFE, exchange of practices regarding digital tools in youth work, as well as creation of courses, respecting principles of NFE, on the Moodle online platform.

Organizer of the training seminar is an organization from Montenegro “Association for Democratic Prosperity ZID”.
Representatives of Youth Resource Center and Youth group of Youth Resource Center were Slobodan Blagovčanin and Emir Karamujić.

Youth Workers countering violent extremism

In Brčko on 24th and 25th of March, a second module was held within the project “Youth Workers Countering the Violent Extremism”, which is being implemented by PRONI with support of US embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Over 30 young people from North East Bosnia have participated in the training. Training was led by Miralem Tursinović (Youth Resource Center Tuzla) and Jasmin Jašarević (PRONI Brčko).
Representatives of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla at the training were Amila Selimbašić, Mirela Biković, Emir Mujakić, Merita Sokoli, Slobodan Blagovčanin, Nejla Ibraković, Adi Selman and Emir Karamujić.
Project “Youth Workers Countering the Violent Extremism” has a goal to teach young people how to fight terrorism and radical extremism, that is increasingly widespread in the country and world. Third module will be held in the middle of this year in Brčko.

Round table: „Sport and inclusion of Roma”

On 28th of March in Bucharest, a meeting was held for organizations around FARE network that advocates for sports fields without discrimination, racism and hate speech. Topic of the round table was “Sport and inclusion of Roma” and it has gathered 24 participants from over 15 countries involved in the program activities of FARE network. Representative of Youth Resource Center Tuzla was Slobodan Blagovčanin.

Youth group of ORC Tuzla

Intercultural Dialogue through Creative Writing

Intercultural Dialogue through Creative Writing was a workshop that was held in Birmingham, UK in the period from 1st until 9th of March. 3 participants per country from 12 different countries took part in the workshop, among which were Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina of course. Aim of the workshop was that participants start using creative writing to express their opinions, but also for international communication, as well as to transfer gained knowledge to the youngsters in the countries they are coming from. Among other activities, participants were given an opportunity to organize their own mini- workshops. Workshop was successfully organized and participants have returned home with a lot of knowledge and experience. Mario Mrkić took part in the workshop, a new member of ORC Youth groupTuzla.


Supporting youngsters that have experienced peer violence in juvenescent relationships

On March 25th a chat room activity was held for young people from Lukavac, that were involved in the project “Supporting youngsters that have experiences peer violence in juvenescent relationships”. Chat room was moderated by one of the member of ORC Youth group, Samira Aličić, together with her colleague from the Foundation of Tuzla community, as well as professional associate Larisa Buševac.
Chat room was held in premises of Culture Center in Lukavac and 8 participants have attended it.

Workshop has started at 13:30h in Culture Center. At the beginning we have altogether created the code of conduct during the workshop. It was followed by getting to know each other through an interesting exercise in which participants had an opportunity to talk about their weaknesses and what makes them strong and recognizable. Group was open, communicative and ready to cooperate

Everyone had an opportunity to express their opinion, as well as communicate and collaborate in the group work.
At the chat room participants have created a simulation of violence, physical and psychological, where the actors were participants of the workshop itself. During the workshop no one was left out. At the end everyone placed a paper with anonymous questions in the “secret box” and was given and assignment for the next workshop to write their own personal experience and emotions that they had during the chat room.

New Age Conflict Transformation

In Vršac, from 21st until 28th February, a training from trainers “New Age Conflict Transformation” was held
Training course “New Age Conflict Transformation” is training for trainers that was organized for youth workers and activists from Srbija, BiH, Slovenia, Turkey, Kosovo*, Romania and Belgium. Aim of the project, which is being implemented under the patronage of European Commission through Erasmus+ program, KA2- capacity building in the field of youth, was strengthening trainer's competences of youth workers and activists, creating digital and online tools for conflict transformation and planning the Pool of Trainers for future conflict transformers. Organizer of the training was organization from Serbia “Balkan Urban Movement”. Representative of ORC Youth group was Emir Karamujić


UMiD module II

Learn, think, act (UMiD) is one year training that is organized by Institute for youth development KULT, Sarajevo. In the period from 16th until 18th March a second module was held out of ten modules. Theme of the module was: Civic activism and volunteering.

Training on civic activism and volunteering aims to familiarize youngsters with volunteering, youth activism, as well as encourage them to take active participation in processes in their communities. Participants are being trained to further encourage their peers, as well as to non-formally educate themselves on topics that will enable them to be active citizens. 23 young people from different towns of BiH have took part in the module, out of which 3 members of the ORC youth group; Samira Aličić, Mario Mrkić, Merima Čokić.

Smile for a smile (OzO)

On March 31st a workshop was held for kids from 8 elementary schools (sections) from City of Tuzla area and members of Youth club of organization for children and youth “Smile for a smile” (Osmijeh za osmijeh).

Topic of the workshop was “Assembly” and the goal was to acquaint children and youth with the term Assembly, on democratic process of decision making, way of voting and way of electing. Presented were: agenda, proposition for the steering board of the organization, annual media report for the period of year 2017. Workshop was held in “Space for youth” (premises of the organization), Youth Center Tuzla.
32 children took part in the activity and 3 member of the Youth club. Workshop lasted for 90 minutes, and after the workshop children and youngsters attended VII regular assembly session of the organization for children and youth “Smile for a smile”. Workshop was led by volunteer of the organization, Aldžić Emina, also a member of ORC Youth group.

Creative expression by painting

In the month of March, third module of psychoeducational workshop “Creative expression by painting” was continued, which was organized by Amica Educa association.

Creative expression by painting is a technique that is used to express own feelings, but also to express events for which the person is not yet ready to talk.

Importance of the painting created is in the emotional, not in the esthetic value. An accent was put on past, present and future during this module. Goal of the workshops is to recall past, accept and live in the present, as well to devise a beautiful future and sail into it, and by that to further develop own personality. Workshop was conducted on 26th, 27th and 28th March and it lasted for 4 hours.

Presentation and interpretation of inner images created in atelier of the association was realized during three days. First day participants were recalling their past. What is the most beautiful they can take from it, what kind of images they see and what do they remember. Second day participants have lived in the present moment. What is it that gives them strength and what motivates them.

Third day participants have imagined future. What are they going to do, who is with them, how do they live and what they do. Certificates were awarded at the end of third module. Even though psycho educational workshop is intended to all people that want to work on strengthening themselves and their competences, members of the group in which I was, were students of Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences. Workshop was attended by Nerma Sinančević and Jasmina Velić, members of ORC Youth group. !!!

Alternative urbanization

On March 24th, interactive workshop “Alternative urbanization” was organized by youth movement “Revolt” in their premises. Workshop was held with the aim to emphasize importance of alternative urbanization, but also dialogue and cooperation with young people from the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, who would by networking contribute to communities in which they live.
Introduction was followed by presentation of Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe, as well as working group of Alternative Urbanization, IC Lotos and “Dobre Kote” organization. A film “Urbanised” was played, that was followed by discussion about movie and the significance of alternative urbanization, with emphasis on current actions by youth and youth organizations.
As a follow up to the activities, on March 25th, flea market without money was organized. Members of the ORC Youth group Nerma Sinančević, Jasmina Velić and Samira Aličić participated in the workshop.


“Pod lupom” Coalition

Within the project “Pod lupom”, financially supported by the European Union and United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Emir Mujakić, Amila Selimbašić, Mirela Biković, Emir Karamujić and Nerma Sinančević, members of ORC Youth group have participated in the build-up of data base for the members of electoral boards on the state level, with the aim of improving electoral culture and processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Meeting of Youth Resource Center (ORC) Youth group

On March 27th meeting of Youth Resource Center (ORC) Youth group was held. At the meeting a pilot project was presented by members of Youth Resource Center Tuzla and “Eko Sol Tuzla”.

Second item on the agenda was an interactive workshop that Amra Deliomerović would do. Workshop would last for two hours and would include few psychological exercises. Topics of the workshops are: wholeness, doughnut and realizing. Members of the Youth group are planning to write and implement a project on topic of violence on the internet.

During the month of May we have worked on maintaining and development of communication and coordination within the Youth network of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( As a part of that, we have distributed information on a daily basis which are interesting for youth and youth activism in BiH throughout the mailing list of the network (, but also on other addresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. We did correspondence with organizations and individuals interested in the work of the network, answered inquiries related to certain activities, educations and other information related to activism of youngsters in BiH. In addition, our project team has carried on with applications for project proposal.


Round table within the project “Divided past – Joint future“
Within the project “Divided Past – Joint Future”, in the Business center Networks in Sarajevo, on 9th April a round table “Embracing damage” will be held, as a part of the campaign which YRC (ORC) Tuzla is leading in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Round table will gather representatives of economic and civil sector, authorities and media, in order to inform themselves about the project itself, but also on the qualitative study “Process of reconciliation in the Western Balkans and Turkey”

Continuation of activities within the project „Youth for better future“
In the month of April, within the project “Youth for better future” realization of the training “Forum Theater” is planned. Training will be organized in the period from 24th until 28th April for the most active participants of the previous workshops held in Tuzla, Brčko, Doboj and Vitez. Topics of the previous workshops in the aforementioned cities were: identity, stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. It is planned to work through the technique of Forum Theater, which is considered a great tool for transformation of society, on this training with the participants. Forum theater helps youngsters to build their own better future, not to passively wait for changes to happen themselves.





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