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A formal reception - British Embassy

The artistic talents and potential of young Bosnians were presented during the month of May to members of the international community, government and civil society at the reception in Sarajevo. The reception was organized by the British Embassy in Sarajevo, directed by the PCRC and the VII Foundation for the official launch of the Bosnian edition of the ASBO magazine. ASBO is an independent publication created by the D Foundation, and PCRC has established this partnership with the goal of showing the artistic genius of our youth in an effort to empower and provide an international platform for the exchange of work, ideas and opinions on music, fashion, art and cinema. In the coming months, the magazine will be distributed to schools throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and translated into local languages. Slobodan Blagovčanin took part in the festive reception in Sarajevo.

Seminar of social innovations in the field of peacebuilding and reconciliation

From May 30 to June 01, 2019, in the Hotel Jelena Brčko, the National Laboratory for Social Innovations was held for 20 representatives of civil society organizations, the public sector, the business sector and non-organized citizens on the topic of peacebuilding and reconciliation.

The National Laboratory for Social Innovation in Peacebuilding and Reconciliation aims to enable cross-sectorial teams to develop innovative solutions to problems identified by organizations, and to enable organizations and participants to become familiar with the process of social innovations and cross-sectorial approaches in advocacy in the field of peacebuilding and reconciliation. The seminar was led on the principle of non-formal education with the facilitation of the trainers’ team and project representatives.

The project Divided Past - Joint Future is a project of the countries of the Western Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania) and Turkey, with 18 organizations and the Youth Resource Center Tuzla. The project is supported by the Youth Communication Center Banja Luka, and the project is funded by the European Union. The project was created in response to the increasing lack of interest in dealing with the topic of reconciliation in this region, as well as the response to increased tensions and conflicts on a national and religious basis in countries and between the countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey.

RAN Youth Empowerment Academy

Representatives of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla - Slobodan Blagovčanin and PRONI Center for Youth Development - Dejan Rađen as the only representatives from BiH participate in the second of four modules "RAN Young Empowerment Academy" organized by the Radicalization Awareness Network - RAN supported by the Council of the European Union. The theme of the academy as well as the initiative is the prevention of violent extremism.

Expert meeting

A meeting of experts for creating a handbook in youth work and mentoring was held in Sarajevo from 6 to 10 May.

The development of a support system for youth work resulted in the final product (a new curriculum for youth work), which will be used in the long-term work with young people, both online and offline. This methodological framework will help youth workers and young people to organize and monitor their own progress, learning and experience in different processes, initiatives, learning, consolidating and recognizing acquired competencies, take responsibility for their development, in a fun and creative way.

This final product will be internationally shared with youth organizations, youth workers and youth institutions. This methodological system will also aim to strengthen the engagement of young people and contribute to the recognition and documentation of youth participation and non-formal and informal learning. Methods were developed by experts, youth workers from partner organizations and external experts at a meeting in organization and through online collaboration. The final product follows the access to the learning cycle and connects it with the methodology of "Hero's journey".

Representative of Youth resource center was Emir Karamujić.

Local Youth Office

The NGO IPAK - Youth Builds the Future, together with partners: OKC Banja Luka, City of Tuzla, Zvornik, Živinice, as well as Sapna and Kalesija Municipalities, is implementing the project "Local Youth Office" within the regional project "Divided Past - Joint Future".
Within this, on May 28th and May 30th in Tuzla, a training and a round table for the establishment of a local youth office was organized. Representatives of Youth Resource Center, Mirela Biković, Adi Čanović and Eldin Subašić took part in the training and round table.

The training, which took place on May 28 in the IPAK-MGB premises, brought together 20 young people from various organizations, secondary schools and local communities. At the training, participants, with the help of interactive methods, created recommendations for the establishment of a local youth office to be presented at a round table.

A round table was held on May 30th in the hotel "Miris Dunja 88" in Tuzla, and gathered about 15 young representatives of organizations and local youth councils, and 5 representatives of partner cities / municipalities. At the round table, young people's recommendations were presented to the representatives of the cities / municipalities, and with the help of interactive methods, they were processed into a functional model that will be used to improve mobility and youth activism, youth participation in decision-making, and increase the platform for intercultural dialogue.

Meeting of the Anti-Hate Coalition

On May 22, a meeting of the Anti-Hate Coalition was held at the Dammar Trade Center. The meeting was attended by members of the coalition, where they jointly discussed and adopted conclusions on the code of conduct of the coalition. In addition to making a decision on the code of conduct of the coalition, we spoke of the previous activities that we did. At the meeting of the coalition, our member Benjamin Burek was present.

Internet Governance seminar - Kyiv, Ukraine

A seminar on the topic of Internet governance, digital rights and security on the Internet was held in Kyiv (Ukraine) from 20 to 26 May.
The goals of the seminar were research of technology and the Internet, and especially the participation of young people it, going into technology-mediated activism. Also, research what it means to be digital rights activist and why it is important for participatory democracy, looking at digital rights in terms of a technological measure as a form of activism, and to enable young green activists from Easter European activists tools for fair, secure and equal participation in the web platforms, removing the risk of self-censorship and ensuring their digital rights.

Young activists from Serbia, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Poland, Czechia, Switzerland, Germany, Azerbaijan and Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the seminar.
Representative of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla was Emir Karamujić.

Conference in Bucharest, Romania

Romania's EU Council Presidency organized a conference "How to better respond to European aspirations of the young generation in the Western Balkans" in Bucharest between 28 and 29 May.

This event aims to: encourage and support young people in the Western Balkans in building a future in their countries, explore the phenomenon of brain drain, especially among young people, and increase the level of their socio-economic inclusion; enable the establishment of long-lasting dialogue among young professionals from local government and civil society, entrepreneurs, academics, youth organizations from the Western Balkans and the EU, thus contributing to better mutual understanding and identification with European values.

Particular attention has been paid to aspects such as: the need for raising awareness and consolidating trust, in order to contribute to reconciliation efforts and identify concrete solutions to enhance democratic participation among the new generation.

The event was supported by the European Commission, EEA and Norwegian fund and was organized in cooperation with regional and European partners. Representative of the Youth Resource Center was Emir Karamujić.

Youth Group of ORC Tuzla


In the period from May 10 to 12, an event entitled "sELECT EU" was held in Belgrade, where young people had the opportunity to get acquainted with the democratic procedures of the European Union. Through various workshops and simulations, together with more than 300 peers from BiH, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, they had the opportunity to discuss the importance of EU policies on the lives of young people and the importance of young people's participation in electoral processes.

"Lack of interest in politics" is often cited as the main reason for the low participation of young people in electoral processes. Young people consider that through political and democratic processes they cannot participate in shaping their lives and leave this job to others. However, as the life of young people would not be the result of someone else's vision, but the result of their needs, it is necessary for young people to strengthen their participation in the formation of the EU. European elections are a period when Europeans are most interested in all the benefits that citizens of the Union have. Topics and debates about Europe have been opened and now, most of all across the continent, is debating the question "Why do we need Europe? “

Representatives of ORC Tuzla, Kenan Suljić and Benjamin Burek, took part in this event.

Street action "Mental hygiene"

On 28 May, the Youth Group of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla successfully implemented an action called "Mental Hygiene", aimed at raising awareness of the mental health.

Mental hygiene is a psychological discipline, the goal of which is the preservation, maintenance and improvement of mental health of people, and mental health represents a state of good and coherent psychic functioning that implies the absence of mental disorders. In order to provide fun to our members, during the action we prepared tasks for this activity in the Action Bound application. Activity coordinator was Mirela Biković, and the main message of the campaign was: TAKE WHAT YOU NEED!




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