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Regional Task Force meeting

On January 31, 2019, a Regional Team meeting was held in Sarajevo on the topic of Understanding and Prevention of Anti-Western and Extreme Influence in the framework of the International Institute Western Balkans program.

Representative of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla and one of the panelists was Slobodan Blagovčanin.

For two years now, the Institute has implemented a regional program that focuses on combating violent extremism and malignant foreign influence.

Within the above program, IRI has formed a Task Force group that brings together 18 members (parliamentarians, representatives of civil society, academia and media) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia with the aim of informing and exchanging experiences regarding the fight against violent extremism and foreign influence in the Western Balkans. Regional meetings of the group like this are held every two to three months and are closed to the public.

Advisory meeting for the event "Selection of athletes from the City of Tuzla"

On January 25th, in the Youth Center, at the invitation of the Youth Council of the City of Tuzla, an advisory meeting was held on which besides the host was attended by the representatives of the Sports Association of the City of Tuzla, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the University of Tuzla, the Commission for Culture, Sports and Youth GV Tuzla, sports clubs from the City of Tuzla, non-governmental organizations, as well as prominent sports workers. The meeting discussed the position of youth and sports in the City of Tuzla, with a special emphasis on resolving the controversial provisions related to the manifestation of the City of Tuzla Sportsman. The meeting took place in an excellent atmosphere and a constructive exchange of views, and talks will continue in the coming period.

All representatives of sports clubs presented their problems. Karate clubs in 2020 enter the membership of the Olympic Games, but do not have the approval of the Committee. They hope to solve the problem at the Assembly and speed up the process to the Olympics. Karate clubs expressed their dissatisfaction with scoring, although they won medals in 2015 at the World Olympic competition. The board will be informed of the scoring, which will solve the problem at the Assembly. Cyclists who are preparing for the whole year, regardless of weather conditions, have also been exposed to their problems, but they have never been included in any category for awarding recognition. The president of the Sports Association of the City of Tuzla has suggested that all members have a common interest, boost sports funding, and choose priorities for sports finance in the City of Tuzla. Her biggest discontent was the ignorance of young athletes about the Code of Conduct Code for the "Athlete of the year awards". She wrote and signed the Code of Conduct and Behavior Code. All members of the "Player of the Year" selection must respect him. She also expressed dissatisfaction that sports clubs must solve their problems among themselves, not publicly through the portals. Members of sports associations must all together fight for all clubs and that Bosnia and Herzegovina must have champions as they once were.

At the meeting, Nerma Ibrahimović, a member of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla, was present.

Citizens Against Terrorism - CAT

During January we continued with our regular activities within the project "Citizens Against Terrorism - CAT". Our cats continued to delight the public on social media, and this month for all our companions we organized a new prize game.

If you still do not follow our cats - we invite you to do it on

Youth Group of ORC Tuzla

Workshop on media and information literacy for local NGOs

The workshop was a combination of presentations and interactive work with the participants, led by media experts from BiH: professor Zarfa Hrnjić Kuduzović from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Tuzla and assistant professor Vuk Vučetić, Faculty of Philosophy, University of East Sarajevo.

Call for workshop was open to all non-governmental organizations that have experience in the following areas:
• Protection and promotion of human rights, in particular the rights of minority / vulnerable groups
• Protection and promotion of freedom of speech, media freedom
• Work with youth, youth organizations

Cusec Benjamin Burek has participated at the workshop as a representative of Youth resource center Tuzla.

Burch: Start Me Up

From 18 to 20 January 2019, Start Me Up: High School competition was held at the International Burch University in Sarajevo. This competition was aimed at gathering as many young people as possible, full of motivation, along with their business ideas. Thus, 110 participants with 40 ideas participated in the competition. Also, our member of the Youth group of ORC, Kenan Suljić, took part in the event, who, as the bearer and creator of the idea together with his colleagues from the team, won the first place with the Start up idea "DepressionApp".

It is important to point out that our team was created out of members come from four different cities from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal of the victorious idea is to create a unique application for depression, which will be free also in the service and competencies of the health centers with which cooperation and partnership are established. Thus, the initial cooperation was created with the Health Center of Tuzla, the Health Center Srebrenik, as well as the UKC Tuzla.

The special emphasis is that this will be the first application in the world of this kind and in this format, which will easily provide support, assistance and education to all citizens who need it.

UMiD! 14

From January 24 to 26, 2019, the first (I) module of UmiD training was held, where our Kenan Suljić, member of Youth group of ORC Tuzla, took part.

UmiD includes certified training of youth leaders "Learn, Think and Act!“ which gives students, among other things, the opportunity to gain self-confidence, to look at their abilities and potentials to develop a sense of responsibility in the society and gain management skills and engage in business. On the first module, trainees had the opportunity to learn and study the basics of leadership, as well as creating and developing team and team spirit.

Workshops were run by the trainer, Katarina Vučković, and this year's overall UMiD 14 training project is being conducted under the co-ordination of Aldin Alić. The participants stayed in "Spajalica", i.e. educational and recreational center for youth in Ilidža.


Red Bull Future / IO Session Tuzla

Red Bull Future / IO Session Tuzla was held on January 10th at CineStar Cinema Tuzla at Bingo City Center, where members of Youth group of ORC, Eldin Subašić and Emir Mujakić took part.

How will we call a flying taxi, how mobile phones will look like in 20 years, are only some of the questions that were asked on Thursday at the Tuzla Information Session held in Cinestar Cinema, where Red Bull Futur / IO project, are a part of the project that invites creative minds from around the world to share their vision of the future by the 2030s through video footage of up to 60 seconds.

Speakers at the Tuzla session "dcdc76", Demir Selmanović and Mario Ilić shared their vision of the future with young people.
Among other things, they talked about what the prediction of the future is, how they see the ideal future, how technology can contribute to predicting the future.

Guests of the Tuzla Info Session were also students of the Secondary Electrical School, who showed their ideas and inventions. One of them is a "bracelet for preventing violence" which, by pressing the 3D print button, sends a message, or a call to help a predefined mobile phone. Also, their idea of a sleeping bag that transforms the heat energy of man into electric energy, with which, they said, they wanted to help migrants in BiH "to charge their cell phones".


Authors of the best global visions will be invited to a three-day Education Academy, which will be held in March 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal, where in a unique environment it will be part of inspirational workshops and discussions.

Also, participants will have the opportunity to further develop and improve their concepts with key opinion leaders in this community, thus winning the chance of Red Bull Media House turning them into a professional production.




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