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Professional orientation through passport of competencies

At the beginning of July ORC Tuzla launched the project "Professional orientation through passport of competencies", supported by the US Embassy in Sarajevo.

The project will be implemented in the next 6 months and will provide support to at least 100 young people from the wider Tuzla region (Lukavac and Živinice) from the final grades of elementary schools and first grade secondary schools.

During the month of October, the first activities with youth ended. A total of 105 youngsters, who through a public call have applied to pass a set of "Life Skills" and "Employment Skills" workshops, successfully completed their training in mid-October. In addition to the acquired knowledge, the youth had the opportunity to have a good time, as well as the opportunity to exchange experiences and make new friendships.

Out of the 105 youngsters, 20 of them have had the opportunity to pass counseling for Passport of competencies, and thus draw up their own map and at the end of the consultation to get their profile of competencies by the consultants with whom the consulting process was led.

“The publication of this text is funded by a grant from the Department of State.
Opinions, findings and conclusions listed here belong to authors and do not necessarily reflect the
opinions, findings and conclusions of the US Department of State.”

As part of the project "Know your CAT", which the Youth Resource Center Tuzla has been implementing on the most popular social media for young people, two more trainings were held in the field of creating and managing campaigns on social media.
We are witnessing that our peers spend most of their free time on social media - and that's why we need to get closer to them. Guided by this idea, the ORC Tuzla youth, as part of the aforementioned project, held training in Zvornik and Vitez for 10 young activists.

Young activists from Zvornik and Vitez mastered the skills and knowledge of campaigns, with a special emphasis on social networks.



The results of our training can be found on the official page of the project "Citizens Against Terrorism":

Video: HATE is not welcome in my WORLD!

As part of a project aimed at countering violent extremism, radicalism and terrorism, called Citizens Against Terrorism, members of the ORC Tuzla have recorded a video that transmits online violence to the offline world. The goal of the video is to raise the awareness of young people to the vicious and insulting comments they leave on social media, portals, etc. they leave the same scars as those face to face. The main message that transcends the whole video is that, if such behavior is unacceptable in the real world, then why has it become so normal on the Internet? In addition to the members of the Youth Center Tuzla, the members of the Center for Youth Development, PRONI Brčko, also sent their support. You can view the video at:


Youth Group of ORC Tuzla

NGO FAIR - Come and find out

The NGO Fair was held on October 19th in the city park in Tuzla. The fair was organized by the Youth Group of ORC Tuzla, financially supported by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. This event was attended by 21 youth NGOs from the City of Tuzla, and the attendance of over 200 young people was recorded. The young people had the opportunity to learn something about volunteering at the fair, find out what kind of youth organizations exist, and how they can join them. During the fair, demonstration workshops were organized on three different topics, which were held in the American Corner of Tuzla. Topics of the workshops were: "Presentation skills", "Prejudice and stereotypes", and "How to write a Motivational letter and CV". The project coordinators were Mario Mrkić and Merima Čokić.



The COOLtura project was implemented from 6 to 7 October in Belgrade, in cooperation with the BUM organization with the city municipality of Vračar and partners from Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Belgium.

A large number of young people had the opportunity to learn through the methods of non-formal education about the importance of a culture of cooperation and trust among the countries of the region.


As part of this project, the EU Art Night was held in the City Museum of Belgrade on October 6. This event, organized within the 57th October Salon, was attended by a large number of young people, representatives of the European Union, ambassadors and many other officials.

The guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with the works of contemporary art of some of the most famous artists in the relaxed atmosphere of parties in the museum.

Members of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla participated in this project: Slobodan Blagovčanin, Medina Delić, Hamza Delić, Kenan Suljić and Benjamin Burek.

Coalition for the Fight against Hate Tuzla
On October 23, a meeting of the Coalition for the Fight against Hate Tuzla was held in the premises of the Youth Center Tuzla. Members of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla, MIOS (International Association of Interactive Open School Tuzla) and representatives of the Initiative Group "Active Aging" Tuzla took part in the meeting. At the meeting, the representatives of the coalition introduced the representatives of other non-governmental organizations with the activities so far, which are:

- A public letter to all political parties (abstaining from negative political rhetoric in pre-election campaigns),
- Test questionnaire for the members and members of the Coalition,
- Workshop on the topic of signs, graffiti and symbols (this workshop was held in Bijeljina on September 20),
- Action on the cleaning of Ilinčica organized by the Let' Do it movement which was held on September 14th.

For the next period, several activities that the coalition will organize are:

- Organizing an event in Teočak on the occasion of the 16th November of the International Day of Tolerance,
- Holding a round table in Tuzla, where representatives of the MUP, communal services and non-governmental organizations would be invited to discuss graffiti that were offensive and spreading hatred,
- Cleaning the traffic signs, that is, those signs on which the Cyrillic letters are crossed with black spray

The power of communication
On Wednesday, October 3rd, at the Hotel Dorrah in Tuzla, a lecture was held on the topic of "Power of Communication". The organizer of this lecture was NLP Education.

The lecture as well as the "NLP Practitioner" education is led by Šemsudin Zaimović, the first NLP Master Trainer in BiH and one of the first NLP trainers in the region that brought the NLP story to BiH in 2002.

During the lecture we learned
1. What is NLP and what makes it so "powerful",
2. How it was created and how it works,
3. Which are the areas of application of NLP,
4. How to apply NLP in everyday life,
5. The basic principles on which NLP is based,
6. How NLP works in practice,
7. NLP techniques for successful communication
8. How to choose a true NLP training for yourself,
9. Details related to the "NLP Practitioner" training which continues in October 2018.

In this lecture, people from different fields of interest took part: employees, bosses, students, professors, workers, pupils, representatives of the non-governmental scene. The ORC representative in this lecture was Benjamin Burek.

A poetic gathering called "From my pen"
The American Corner JUNUB "Derviš Sušić" hosted students and teachers of Tuzla primary and secondary schools this autumn, who have been friends for seven years at the manifestation "Here lies a beautiful word".

The organizers of the event, entitled "From my pen" this year, are students and teachers of Elementary School "Novi Grad", along with Mirela Avdagić, a poet and retired professor of Bosnian language and literature, and JUNUB "Derviš Sušić" employees.

Participants of this year's gathering were pupils and teachers of elementary and secondary schools from the Tuzla Canton area.

In a pleasant atmosphere, teachers - writers transferred their creative experiences to students, listened to them, talked with them, encouraged ... Among the present students there are already serious writers who will in the future certainly nurture the idea of this socializing and, hopefully, continue to develop themselves and to improve their creative potentials.

As representatives of their school, Benjamin Burek and Džananović Amina presented the "Literature as Utopia" campaign as representatives of Youth Resource Center Tuzla, which was coordinated by our Mirela Biković.

They presented the campaign to other participants, and with their texts, written on the occasion of the final manifestation, made this socializing fun.

Coding Weekend
On October 20, an event titled "Coding Weekend" was held in the premises of the International School of Tuzla.

The event aimed to bring young people into the world of programming and Arduino technology through creative interactive workshops, thus stimulating them to choose a career in the IT sector. All participants went through 2 coding training sessions and 2 sessions of Arduino technology education.

The education was held by volunteers-students of the final years of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

The event was organized in cooperation with the Association of High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Association of Students of the Burch University in Sarajevo.

The workshops were attended by Benjamin Burek, as a member of the Youth Group of the Youth Resource Center Tuzla.




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