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Broadcasting of the film "Efendi's vow" on BHT and NEON TV - CAT BiH


CAT Bosnia and Herzegovina together with a team of young cinematographers and directors from Una Storia made the first documentary!

A film was made about the Mufti of Tuzla, Muhamed Šefket ef. Kurt called "Effendi's vow."

Thanks to the Mufti, there were no mass crimes in Tuzla, which is also one of the most important historical events and inspiration for this film.

Join us on a journey through history.
The film "Effendi's Vow" was broadcast on January 31, 2021 on BHRT. On Christmas Day, it was broadcast on NEON TV.

We plan to launch the film on YOUTUBE soon, and this year more screenings are expected, the first of which will be held in Zenica on February 5 during the "Week of Interreligious Dialogue“


CAT – Bosnia and Herzegovina


During the month of January, we continued with our regular activities within the project "CAT - Bosnia and Herzegovina".

Our cats continued to delight the public on social media.

If you still do not follow our cats - we invite you to do so at:

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CAT Patrol: Biljana Andrijević, Perpetuum Mobile Banja Luka
Bilja as the CAT crew likes to call her, is our new guest!

Bilja is a lawyer who draws a few drawings here and there with the intention of making the people she loves happy.

Leaving a mark on this world is something that inspires her and gives her the strength to persevere in everything.
This is not another #FakeTaxi, this is a #CatPatrol! VIDEO

PodCat with Malik

* guest of the new #PodCat with Malik was Naida Salković, a member of the PR team of Tuzla Brain Week.

What is Tuzla Brain Week, when and how did the whole story begin, and what are the interesting facts and facts about the human brain you can see in the new episode of PodCat with Malik. VIDEO

The guest of the new episode of #PodCat with Malik was Jasmin Đulović, known in the company as Jasmin.

Jasmin has been beautifying the days of his audience with his humor for a long time and that is what fulfills him, he talked with Malik about many current topics, about political scandals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and about the mentality of people from this area. See what else Malik and Jasmin talked about below. VIDEO

Disclaimer: The views expressed by guests in the shows are not necessarily the views of Cat Bosnia and Herzegovina.



During January, we worked on maintaining and developing communications and coordination within the Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( As part of that, we are on the network's mailing list every day (, but also to other addresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region distributed information of interest to young people and youth activism in BiH. We corresponded with organizations and individuals interested in the work of the network, answered inquiries related to certain activities, education and other information related to youth activism in BiH. Also, our project team continued to apply for projects.


- Continuation of activities within the CAT project. With the new cycle and activities As part of this, we will broadcast the documentary "Effendi's Vow" on other TV stations in BiH, as well as many other activities, which we will introduce to you on our website.
- Continuation of activities within the ALF Network of BiH. As part of this, we will hold an election assembly of the ALF BiH in the coming period, at which, among other things, a member of the Board of Directors of the ALF BiH will be elected.
- The beginning of the partnership project "Youth Rule on Law LAV (YroLL), whose holder is the Association" I BiH in the EU "from Sarajevo, and is supported by the European Union. The project will last 30 months
- Continuation on fundraising.
- And, with Gods will, the beginning of the realization of the reconstruction of the roof above our offices, which we received from the city of Tuzla for use, and the opening of the Center.





Anna Lindh Foundation

Youth Resource Center Bosnia

Claim - Citizen Network

Insight on Conflict

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