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Professional orientation through passport of competencies
At the beginning of July ORC Tuzla launched the project "Professional orientation through passport of competencies", supported by the US Embassy in Sarajevo.

On this occasion, on July 12, a press conference was held in the premises of the Youth Resource Center (ORC) Tuzla, starting at 2:00 pm with the aim of promoting and announcing a new project for young people, realized by the Youth Resource Center Tuzla, in cooperation with the Sarajevo Organization S.K.I.L.L.S.

Project objectives are:
- Analyzing educational institutions in the Tuzla Canton and presenting the analysis, thus informing young people in two municipalities (Lukavac and Živinice) about new school / university programs that are in line with labor market needs.
- Implementation of training and development of life skills through training "life and social skills" for 100 participants in two secondary schools (Lukavac and Živinice).
- Passport of competencies counseling (20 adolescents at an early age to be trained to make a decision in accordance with their personal abilities, interests and preferences, but also in real circumstances, such as labor market requirements, i.e. requirements of the desired occupation and prospects in the labor market).

The project will be implemented in the next 6 months and will provide support to at least 100 young people from the wider Tuzla region (Lukavac and Živinice) from the final grades of elementary schools and first grade secondary schools.

“The publication of this text is funded by a grant from the Department of State.
Opinions, findings and conclusions listed here belong to authors and do not necessarily reflect
the opinions, findings and conclusions of the US Department of State.”

Due to annual holidays, but also summer breaks, ORC Tuzla, in addition to preparing for future project activities - within projects supported by the US Embassy, and others, and sending reports, had no major activities during the month of July. In August we continue with the regular activities of the office.

Youth Group of ORC Tuzla

Learn, Think and Act (UMiD)

Learn, Think and Act (UMiD) is a one year training organized by the Institute for Youth Development KULT, Sarajevo. In the period from July 15 to July 21, 2018, the Summer School was held, which consisted of the sixth, seventh and eighth modules. The modules were attended by members of the Youth Group of ORC Samira Aličić, Merima Čokić and Mario Mrkić. UMiD is a training that offers students the opportunity to gain self-confidence, look at their abilities and potentials, and develop a sense of responsibility in society and gain the skills of teamwork and leadership. Training is an officially recognized form of non-formal education, which gives young people the opportunity to acquire different competencies that will make them competitive in the labor market, and the program consists of seminars, practical exercises and volunteer work. UMiD is intended for young people aged 15-30. It enables young people to become active leaders in their local community and help solve youth problems, meet new friends, learn new skills, socialize and improve themselves.

The theme of the sixth module is: "Communication and Media", and lasted from 15th to 17th July 2018. Module summary:
- The basics of communication
- Verbal communication
- Non-verbal communication
- Communication with different public
- The social network

The theme of the seventh module is: "Self-empowerment", and lasted from 17th to 19th July 2018. Module summary:
- Getting acquainted with your opportunities and obstacles
- Strengthening self-confidence
- Taking ownership of your actions
- Creating a positive image of yourself

The theme of the eighth module is: "Human Rights and Gender Equality", and lasted from 19th to 21st July 2018. Module summary:
- The notion, types and concept of human rights
- Stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination
- Human rights in the media
- The notion of sex and gender
- Gender (non)equality
- The concept of gender-based violence
- Activism in the promotion of human rights

Within each theme, a special emphasis was put on the actors as drivers in their community, and they learned how to communicate with youth from the community and with the media, how to strengthen their traits for greater success, and how they should work on the promotion of human rights and gender equality. In addition to workshops, young participants had the opportunity to attend "Coffee with ..." within the themes that they were doing.

Tuzla Summer Institute (TSI)
BILD IT was launched in 2014 and came out as a result of the work of the TSI, which provides one-year training for those who want to adopt all the skills to become successful Full-Stack programmers. Currently, 47 trainees are employed in 16 software companies, many of which are members of the Bit Alliance.

Bit Alliance, as the leading association of software companies currently has 44 member companies that employ over 60% of IT labor force in BIH, and has cooperation with over 40 institutions and organizations.

In the period from 2nd to 5th In July 2018, the tenth TSI was held. The participants had the opportunity to continue their path to the position of a software programmer during one-year free training. This year, TSI gathered over 200 participants, among them a member of the Youth Group of ORC Tuzla, Samira Aličić. The lecturers were experts from BIH and from other countries - Switzerland, UK and USA

Youth Camp of the Red Cross Živinice - "Drenik 2018"

The Red Cross Živinice organizes a Youth Camp at the PD Drenik site every year in order to gather young volunteers from all over BIH and the region. This year, the camp lasted from July 20 to 23, and the theme of the camp was peer violence and dissemination of the Red Cross. The educators were volunteers of CK Živinice and CKTK.

Member of the Youth Group of ORC Deni Trumić attended the camp as a Red Cross Živinice organizing team for Camp "Drenik 2018"

ONAuBiH Week
"ONAuBiH Week" is the name of the activities organized by the Youth Media Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period from 2 to 6 July 2018. The aim of this week is to promote the work of ONAuBiH through various activities in local communities, such as roaming in local media, conversations with local NGOs, flash mobs and other activities. Participation in the activities was taken by teams from 13 different cities (Živinice, Goražde, Sarajevo, Mostar, Trebinje, Banja Luka, Brčko, Travnik, Doboj, Bihać, Breza, Zenica and Gradačac), made up of members of the association.

The Youth News Association in BIH is a non-governmental organization designed to provide young people with quality education in all fields of journalism through various seminars, workshops, trainings. It speaks as a multinational and multiethnic organization, trained to provide young people with an opportunity to get to know the media more closely and participate in the creation of their own media space. The vision of ONAuBiH is a society where the public is aware of the media, where the media are free, and the reporting is correct, right and in the public interest.

Members of the Youth Group of Youth Resource Center Tuzla, Samira Aličić and Deni Trumić, carried out activities in Živinice, promoting association on local media, talking with local teams of ASuBiH and Youth Bank, and main activities on the Boulevard, which consisted of flash mob and promoting news that the public was interested in. Within the "ONAuBiH Week", the project "Humans of Bosnia and Herzegovina" was made, where the members of the association talked with the citizens and listened to their stories.




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